Kircher and Browning

15 Mins.; Full Stage. These two newcomers in vaudeville are members of Atlanta (Southern League) baseball team. They open with a burlesque ball game in which the two play all the positions and do their own coaching. Kircher pulling coaching stunts which have made him famous over the Southern circuit. Pictures showing Kircher on the coaching line help the number which should go well through the south.

Spissell Bros. & Mack

Three men and a woman, one comedy, all others straight. This is the same act these people have been doing for years, the only change is the style of presentation. 11 minutes, special in three, the interior of a kitchen.

Lew Dockstader

Dockstader appears in his well know [sic] character impersonations of Teddy. The makeup in nearly perfect and the comedian has mastered the peculiar style of speech for which is [sic] study is famous. The act deals with the supposed policies of the famous character. Street in one, 18 min.

Emile Subers & Matt Keefe

Black face comedian and straight character. Subers does ‘nigger’ comedy to Keefe straight. The act serves to permit Subers to do a coon song and it affords Keefe an opportunity to yodle [sic]. It finishes with a burlesque dance. 16 minutes, street in one.

Emmet Devoy & Co.

Two men and two women presenting a comedy playlet ‘The Old Hag.’ Story tells of quarrell [sic] between two young married people, and how the mother-in-law with aid of an old friend patch up the affair and everything ends happily. Setting consists of handsome drawing room, players appearing in evening dress. 20 minutes.

Helene Hamilton & Jack Barnes

Man and woman, special drop in one. The drop is reproduction of exterior circus side show, painted with usual style pictures of freaks. Comedy picture and lines. Chatter, patter song, with some business concerning marriage ceremony. 16 minutes.

DeRenzo & LaDue

Two men, clown and Chinese character. Garden, full stage, upright double bars. Have a routine of bar stunts and finish with the revolving bar. 10 minutes.

Sam Bernard Jr. & Co.

Three men and two girls, special drop in two, the interior of a wig shop, changing to house, a palace in four supposed to be stage of theatre. There is a plot about a woman going on the stage, the rehearsal, a duel, and one song number by the ‘company’ and a solo parody by Bernard Jr. 22 minutes.

Vivian Ford & Harry Hewitt

Man and woman, special setting, a scene at the North Pole. Hewitt is made up in the Polar Bear character in which he scored with Top O’ the World dancers. The pair dance, following the schedule of all the new ball room dances. It is unique because of the contrast between the neat little girl and the big huge bear. 10 minutes.

Eddy Martyne

Two men, special setting built to represent a jungle scene. Martyne in make up of monkey, is assisted by man who does tiger, lion and other animals. 8 minutes.